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ELLIS HomeSource has dedicated licensed leasing professionals who only market and show Ellis managed properties. Our Leasing Professionals personally screen and qualify all applicants. ELLIS also owns J. Ellis Apartment Locators and Las Colinas Apartment Locators in Irving, Texas, and through these affiliates, we have the additional resources of over 22 relocation specialists and their hundreds of leasing prospects.

The result is prompt occupancy with the most highly qualified Resident for all ELLIS HomeSource-managed units. In a rental housing market where leasing is almost more important than management, we can provide stable, competent Residents in a very timely manner. ELLIS HomeSource dislikes a vacant rental unit as much as you!

We screen all potential residents on the following criteria:

  • Employment

    To lease a house, applicants must be able to show they have a job and can make at least 3 times the rent. If rent is $1,500, income must be at least $4,500 a month gross income.

    It is possible to rent a place with no job however an applicant may need to pre-pay rent for a period of time or show sufficient funds in a bank account with applicants name. But this only applies to those who have good credit.

  • Credit

    Everything will show up on a credit report, EVERYTHING! We check items such as credit card debt, bankruptcy, car repossession, broken lease on an applicant’s last rental, or if there is default on certain loans, Including student loans, etc.
  • Rent History

    This is the very most important piece of the leasing puzzle. If an applicant has bad rent history, they will be denied. How does this happen? The applicant was either evicted from the property for various reasons or they break the lease and end up owing for the rest of the lease term.
  • Age

    Applicants must be at least 18 years old and in some cases, 21 years old.

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