Rental Qualifications and Criteria

Employment History.  Present Employment must be verifiable through our Income Verification feature and where applicable, The Work Number Verification feature available to you when completing your rental application online.

Income.  We require monthly gross income to be at least three (3) times the monthly rental rate.  

Rental History.  Verifiable rental history, in which all lease terms were satisfactorily fulfilled.  If owned a home, must furnish mortgage information.  Negative rental history will be reviewed for accountability.  

Criminal History.  Applications of persons convicted of a felony within a four - year period preceding the date of the rental application will not be accepted.  Convictions of a felony crime against a person are subject for review. Convictions of felony drug trafficking and/or intent to sell drugs and felonies sexual in nature against a person will not be accepted regardless of the time period. Current warrants for arrest will need to be reviewed and open for discussion.  Note that ELLIS HomeSource will consider mitigating circumstances and welcomes your input and documentation regarding your felony conviction.

Credit History.  A credit report must be processed on each applicant over 18 showing 24 months credit history.  Medical, bankruptcy, or voluntary repossession will be waived in determining acceptable credit.  Any applicant with an outstanding debt to a previous landlord will be reviewed for accountability.  

If an applicant is rejected on the basis of credit and takes exception with the credit findings, he or she is responsible for contacting the credit bureau.  If the discrepancy is cleared up, we will consider the application based on the new information. Note that a low credit score could require additional security deposit and/or a non refundable fee.

Occupancy Limits.  One bedroom - No more than two occupants*.  Two bedroom - No more than four occupants*.  Three bedroom - No more than six occupants*.  Four bedroom - No more than eight occupants*.  *Additional occupants under two years of age will be allowed in any unit for the term of the lease.  A transfer may be required to a larger home, condo, or apartment unit at time of lease renewal.

Cosigners.  Cosigners may cosign for the lease agreement but must submit a rental application and meet the minimum of the credit, employment, and financial (four times the rent) requirements.

Discrimination.  We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Act.  We do not discriminate against any person based on their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected class by city or the state of Texas.

Thank you for considering our rental properties. By signing our Rental Qualifications form you agree that you meet this rental criteria or have disclosed qualifying discrepancies, on your rental application.  If it is determined you reported false information or omitted required information, you may forfeit your deposit. If you have any questions concerning these requirements for residency, please call or write our office at the address and phone number shown at the bottom of this page.  We also reserve the right to share your application information with the owner of the property you wish to rent.