Property Management

Each month, ELLIS HomeSource produces a clear, concise computerized summary of the activities involving your investment property. ELLIS HomeSource provides an accurate and comprehensive record of all the transactions for your rental property.

These itemized statements are produced and reviewed by our in-house accounting personnel. Your property manager or an ELLIS HomeSource accounting representative will gladly answer any question about your statement

Our accounting team tracks your financials and reports to you monthly.

You can expect that our accounting team will handle all of the following:
  • Rent collection and processing
  • Payment of maintenance vendor bills
  • Payment of monthly items at request of owners (HOA, gardeners, etc.)
  • Owner statement and direct deposit by ACH processing to your bank account by the 10th day of the month

On an annual basis, you will also receive the following:

  • Tax statements and 1099s
  • Annual summary owner statement

All reports and tracking are further available at all times through the ELLIS HomeSource Owner Portal – just login and go!

  • Convenience and self service for review of all statements
  • Download owner statements & income reports.

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